Lancaster Leaf’s processing facility prides itself on the philosophy that no order is too small or too large.

The facility consists of three lines that have complementary capabilities:

  1. Single 8’ Multi-Sep line with a full complement of blending, screening and drying capabilities
    1. Primary uses: Threshing, blending, and re-drying for cigar, chew, and snuff tobacco
    2. Potential: 5,500 kilos input/hour
  2. Single 6’ Counter-Flow line set up specifically to handle cigar tobaccos and small specialty runs
    1. Primary uses: Threshing, blending, and re-drying for cigar, chew, and snuff tobacco
    2. Potential: 2,700 kilos input/hour

  3. Stem rolling line with capabilities to roll and crush stems for blended strips, head filler, chewing tobacco, pipe and cigarette strips
    1. 3,200 kilos input/hour


Lancaster Leaf supplies various Wrapper, Binder, and Long Filler from around the world for premium cigar production.

Varieties include tobacco from the following areas:

  1. Wrapper Tobacco
    1. Internationally Grown Wrappers: Indonesia, Brazil, and Ecuador
    2. USA Grown Wrappers: Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee
  2. Binder Tobacco
    1. Internationally Grown Binders: Indonesia, Brazil, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic
    2. USA Grown Binders: Pennsylvania and Connecticut
  3. Long Filler Tobacco
    1. Internationally Grown Long Filler: Indonesia, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic
    2. USA Grown Long Filler: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Tennessee

Our Premium Cigar Services include:

  1. Free Zone in the Dominican Republic
  2. Fermentation and sorting
  3. Frog stripping and packing

There are no minimum orders for Wrappers, Binders, and Long Fillers out of our Free Zone facilities. Orders range from one bale to multiple container loads of premium cigar tobacco products.


Lancaster Leaf has over 750,000 square feet of receiving, sweating and storing capacity. Our specially designed forced fermentation rooms handle millions of pounds of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Wisconsin tobaccos every year. These operations can ferment and pack both straight strips and wrapper at competitive rates. Lancaster can sweat various domestic dark air-cured crops in wooden cases and then repack these crops in cardboard cases.

We also operate three receiving stations in Lancaster County to handle the various local crops, which can be fermented and processed at our factory or shipped to another location for our customers. Our local buying and grading staff works side by side with our customers to make sure that they are getting the best possible quality for the best possible price.

Our receiving station in Connecticut handles the various Connecticut crops. Lancaster Leaf also offers long term storage of our customer’s purchases in Lancaster County and also at our satellite operation in Virginia.


Lancaster Leaf offers sourcing of all types of tobaccos both through local operations owned and operated by Universal Corporation including sister operations in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Paraguay, Brazil, Nicaragua, and the Philippines and also through partner operations all over the world. We can meet our customer’s requirements for any type, style, or origin of tobacco. Lancaster Leaf’s purchasing arm regularly travels to the major tobacco producing regions and can help both large and small customers build creative and cost saving blends for their products.


Lancaster Leaf also proudly offers primary services to our customers through our strip cutting line in the Dominican Republic. We have installed a state of the art line to provide cut pipe, cigar, and snuff tobaccos to meet any customer’s needs. The line includes:

  1. Conditioning and casing capabilities.
  2. Four blending silos.
  3. NTRM and heavy removal through separation, metal detectors, and traditional picking.
  4. Ability to cut product from 12 to 86 cut per inch.
  5. Drying and top casing.
  6. Packing in C48s for shipment.
  7. High Temperature (HT) steam expansion tunnel. Even expansion and conditioning of tobacco utilizing precision team jets and vapor extraction.

Lancaster Leaf’s cutting line offers superior quality at competitive rates.